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 Guido Malandruccolo--Spinone History
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 Posted - 11/19/2008 :  12:26:21 PM Show Profile Add Spinone to Buddylist
I just learned two days ago of the passing of Guido Malandruccolo, one of the most influencial breeders in the North American Spinone. We in the Spinone world owe this man a great thanks.

In 1986 when I got my first two Spinone from Guido, the records indicated that there were 34 Spinone in North America at that time. It was not too long after that Guido assisted me, Larry Dickey and Paolo Sacchetti in the formation of the Spinone Club of America.

Six months after we purchased Penney and Susie from Guido, we purchased their dam Diane (Mina Del Benco) who had already been bred to Penney and Susie's sire Kemo (Nico Del Benaco). It was not long after the purchase of Diane, that we purchased Kemo. We agreed to take Kemo back for a breeding to Nina Del Benaco which produced Coco.

The impact of these first dogs from Guido is illustrated in the fact that over 800 of the dogs' pedigrees that I turned over to AKC for the studbook used when the breed was recognized by AKC in 2000, were kin to Kemo.

Guido went to Italy at least once a year for personal business, but he managed to bring back new Italian dogs to North America during these visits. Myself and several other breeders went with Guido on some of these trips. Guido acting as a translator, introduced us to the Italian breeders. Without this introduction and "sponsorship" we Americans had very little knowledge and contact with the Italian breeders.

If it had not been for Guido, his help and his influence, the breed would probably not have been recognized by AKC as it is now. In the 50's there was a Spinone club that only lasted for a few years, but they tried to get the breed recognized. Again in the early 70's there was a second failed attempt by a few owners to get the Spinone breed started.

In conclusion, most of the current Spinone owners owe so much for this breed to Guido and probably were not aware of his impact.

In April 2008 at Rends Lake, IL, Guido spoke to me and wanted us to go back to Italy in October, but when I spoke to him the end of June, he said his health would not permit him to go.

Guido's wife Margaret has asked that a donation to the site listed below be made rather than sending flowers.


Guido's obiturary can be found on the following website together with an update of Guido's website done by his grandson:


Jim Channon, missing a great friend.

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 1   Posted - 11/19/2008 :  3:31:44 PM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Guido Malandruccolo--Spinone History
I am fortunate to get my Rocco, now 11 months old, from Guido. It was fate that day I called him, he had one brown boy left for me. He sent a picture. It was love at first sight. My husband and I traveled to Canada to Guido and Margaret's house one day last February to pick up our brown boy. It was one of the most memorable and pleasant times I have ever experienced in my life. They did not even know us yet they invited us to spend the night. We declined since we needed to get back home, instead we spent most of a morning with them in their home. We talked about Spinone, they showed us pictures, we met all of their Spinone. We didn't want to leave. When we did finally leave, we all hugged, I promised them their boy would have a nice home. The last thing Guido said as we were getting in the car that day was, "That boy will be a hunting machine." Well, Rocco is that and more. He has charm, personality, and intelligence beyond the imagination. At 9 months he easily earned his AKC CGC and Prized 106 pts in NAVHDA. Just 2 weeks ago he earned his JH title. The judge laughed when he watched Rocco out hunting and said, "I don't think Rocco knows he is a Spinone, I have never seen a Spinone run and hunt like that!"
From the day we picked up Rocco in February, Guido and I would talk on the phone and simply talk Spinone. He always laughed and said, "we can talk Spinone all day." We would talk for hours. He told me he was going to Italy in July and would be running his pups in NAVHDA in September. He helped me, coached me, talked to me and listened to me. He was my new friend and I loved him. One day he did not call anymore. Margaret called and told me he was sick. When I learned of his passing I cried, I am still crying. I thank Guido for my beautiful boy, Rocco. He is everything he told me he would be and YES, Guido he is a hunting machine!

Karen Thompson

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jlk davis

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 2   Posted - 12/06/2008 :  6:35:56 PM Show Profile Add jlk davis to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Guido Malandruccolo--Spinone History
My husband and I are here in our warm and saddened home surrounded by our Guido babies Bino 14 years and Toto 5 months,reminiscing about Guido and our first meeting in Windsor so many years ago.
The spinone world will certainly not be the same and we are poorer for his loss.
I called Guido this August and told him I needed a pup. His very first words were "What do you want? Come and see and you can take him home". I was thrilled and flattered and of course at his door the very next day where he and Margaret greeted me with open arms. The afternoon was spent chatting about Spinones, Coco in the field, our first Guido pup Bella, and more Spinones. What else.
We will love our new little fellow with special tenderness knowing that he is one of Guido's last.
We will miss you old friend and our hearts go out to Margaret.
Be Well,
Jeannie and David E. Davis

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Jeannie Davis

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 3   Posted - 10/06/2014 :  10:19:24 AM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Guido Malandruccolo--Spinone History
Attached is a story I wrote and pictures of my boy Rocco appearing on cover and October 2014 issue of NAVHDA VHD. Rocco was bred by Guido and the story tells about the day we went to Di Morghengo Kennel and brought home our boy in February 2008. It goes on to tell about my adventures with Rocco up to current. After checking this post and tribute to Guido I forgot all about writing my previous post almost 6 years ago. For all of you who do not subscribe to NAVHDA VHD here in my story.

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 4   Posted - 10/06/2014 :  11:10:28 AM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Guido Malandruccolo--Spinone History
Sorry it is not letting me upload.

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