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 HEALTH FORUMS for Spinone Italiano
 Other - Puppies
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 Posted - 08/18/2008 :  1:26:17 PM Show Profile Add jasonk to Buddylist
We have a 7 month old Spinone that has been limping on his front left leg for about 3 days now. Is this something that other owners have seen happen with other puppies? Is this common of a pull due to growing pains??

We are a bit concerned because he had a tick on him about 3 months ago. The tick was dead when we found him, in his ear, however, not blood engorged it did break skin.

He doesn't seem anymore lathergic than usual, however he is a pretty mellow guy to begin with.

The vet doesn't seem overly concerned nor did he seem concerned when we initially found the tick on him and asked him for something to treat the dog just in case. He said if he is still limping in a week call back.

I'm not sure how to check his lymph nodes and am reluctant to bring the dog in and go against the vet's advice to wait. Anyone have thoughts on this Any info would be great.

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 1   Posted - 08/18/2008 :  7:42:10 PM Show Profile Visit SpinoneMAX's Homepage Add SpinoneMAX to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: limping
At 7 months old, this could be "wandering lameness" which is caused by varying degrees of growth in bones, ligaments, and muscles. If so, it should correct or "move" to another leg soon. Spinone grow fast at this age and often go through this symptom of lameness. But in case it is not this, when did you notice the lameness? Was the Spinone running, leaping, etc. just prior to first lameness? Have you checked for a cut or wood splinter between the paws? Did it run into an item fast on that side? Is there any swelling in the joints?

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 2   Posted - 08/19/2008 :  10:52:25 AM Show Profile Add jasonk to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: limping
On Saturday (8/14) morning, I noticed his gait was a bit off, but wasn't entirely sure if i was seeing things or not. Then that night I noticed he was actually limping a bit and then on Sunday he was in a full limp barely using his front left paw.

I did check all his pads and toes. I found no blisters, broken nails or thorns. He didn't react adversely to me touching any of his feet. I rubbed all his joints and again it didn't seem to bother him, however, when I rubbed his limp leg he seemed to be a bit more open to it, as he flopped down and gave over his leg. He didn't seem to be hurting anywhere specifically.

I didn't notice any swelling however, I am not sure how obvious swelling is. He was lying around all day, but it was in the high 80's so that is reasonable. In the evening his friend comes over to play in the yard and he didn't shy away from the opportunity to go out and play with his buddy, which i thought was a good sign.

Lorenzo is our first spinone, so it is good to know that lameness can be attributed to a growing puppy. Hopefully that is all that is wrong. Thanks for the response.

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OH spinoni

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 3   Posted - 08/22/2008 :  11:09:05 AM Show Profile Add OH spinoni to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: limping
This could be panosteitis or growing pains. Hear is a link where you can read about it http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/9911/pano.htm
I have heard of this in Spinone. If it were my dog I would ask my vet to do a lyme test, just to be on the safe side. Remember this is "your" dog. My vet and I don't always agree, but I'm paying the bill

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