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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  7:32:30 PM Show Profile Add coondogger to Buddylist
My dog is excessively vocal. She barks when she wants food. She barks when she wants water. She barks when she wants attention. She barks at anyone that passes in front of the house. Here's the problem. My first inclination was to simply ignore her when she barks so she doesn't associate it with getting results. But then there are times when I do want her to bark (as a watch dog). Any opinions?

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 1   Posted - 02/26/2008 :  8:33:45 PM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: barking
We had a barker. He was a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. We had him shipped. When we picked him up at the airport at 9 weeks of age we could hear him barking excessively in the cargo area. He was fine, but turns out he was just a vocal boy. Sounds very similar to yours, he barked at everything and anything. We finally got a bark collar. It worked, you might try one. After a while we could put it on him with no batteries in it. The old boy just died this past October, almost 14 years old. He was barking the day he died. He was my best boy though and I would not have traded him for anything. To this day I do not believe in shipping puppies. The next dog we got we drove half way across the US to pick him up, he is well worth it. Not a barker either. Good Luck, try the bark collar.

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 2   Posted - 03/01/2008 :  11:02:08 AM Show Profile Add nyener to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: barking
I have also used a Tritronics bark collar with good results. I did not want the dogs to bark at any time. Sometimes the dogs would be alone where I could not be in a position to train the expected response for the situation. Good luck.

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Kelly Chase

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 3   Posted - 06/08/2009 :  11:27:12 PM Show Profile Add Kelly Chase to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: barking
If you go with the bark collar, I highly recommend the one that just blows a blast of air at their chin, not the shocker.

It is more humane...and it's hilarious to watch!! Ok, that was probably mean, but when they look around like "what the heck was that?!!!!" it just cracks you up!

They learn real quick with the air blaster one....good luck!

 Country: USA  ~  Posts: 4  ~  Member Since: 10/27/2007  ~  Last Visit: 06/08/2009 Alert Moderator  Go To Top Of Page
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