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 HEALTH FORUMS for Spinone Italiano
 Ears / Hearing
 Blue Power Ear Treatment
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from spinoneus.org

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 Posted - 10/28/2007 :  10:55:39 PM Show Profile Add archive to Buddylist
( archived from spinoneus.org/forum )
posted by atireus
Posted - Dec 02 2005 : 08:23:30 AM

Here's the recipe for the Blue Power Ear Treatment although I call it the "Miracle Purple Treatment". Here's a real, real brief history of my history with it. Our Niko, who was just four on November 18th, developed a bad ear infection at around a year old. Our Vet at the time started with an antibiotic, an ear wash, an ear drying agent....cleared up a bit and came back worse than ever. More antibiotics and a different set of washes and drying stuff followed. Twice daily cleaning did very little. We then tried over the counter ear washes and flushes. Nothing seemed to help. Our poor baby was constantly shaking his head, his ear was full of smelly gunk no matter how often we cleaned it and he was simply miserable. I ordered Thornit. I know, I know a ton of people swear by it and we did try it and it does work for most dogs. It worked for a bit and then back to the gooey mess in his ear. We consulted another vet....same scenario. Another series of antibiotics until finally we decided to do ear surgery to shorten the ear canal and cut down on the infection which had now been diagnosed as psuedomonas. Believe it or not I even tried Monistat, the feminine anti yeast treatment and that didn't work either. Then I found this natural treatment. Checked with our Vet who said it couldn't hurt. Followed the treatment procedure exactly. It worked wonders....cleared his ear infection, the psuedomonas, the mites and any thing else that was in his ears. He has now been infection free for almost two years with clean, sweet smelling pink ears. I keep a bottle handy and at the first sign of any problem in any of our guys, a quick squirt takes care of it. I swear by it and we never had to do the surgery on Niko by the way. If you decide to use it, make sure you follow the treatment procedure exactly and make sure you check with your Vet to see if the drum isn't punctured or there are foreign bodies in the ear.

16 oz bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (standard 70%)
4 Tablespoons of Boric Acid powder
16 drops of Gentian Violet Solution (1%)
Mix together and shake well. Every time you use it, you really need to shake bottle well. Get a flexible plastic bottle with an opening at the top so that the solution may be gently squeezed out and dispensed to the affected ears. One of those hair dye bottles available at Wal-Mart, Target, pharmacy or beauty supply is perfect.

1. If ears are very inflamed or sore, don't pull the ear hair out or clean ear at all. Just flush the ear and then wait until inflammation has subsided...in about two days.
2. Lightly warm solution and shake bottle each time you use it.
3. Flood the ear with solution
4. Message gently to the count of 60 and wipe with a tissue.
5. On first treatment, flood the ear twice, wipe with tissue and leave alone without massage.
6. Let your dog shake out the excess (I recommend doing it outside unless you want to be splattered by purple spray LOL)

Do this twice a day for two weeks and then once a day for a week and then once a week if needed. It really works, really. It will stain clothing, etc so be careful. On white/orange Spins, it will stain the ear and surrounding fur for a day or so, but then disappears. I always have a bottle of the mix handy and use it when needed. All four of our guys get their ears checked once a week and as a maintenance program, they all get a bit of a squirt in their ears once a month or as needed. It's also great for hot spots, minor itchy spots, etc. All natural too. Good luck.

Proud Mom of the Jersey Boys (Niko, Justin, Neve and Stitch) who now live in FL.

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 1   Posted - 01/04/2008 :  08:26:39 AM Show Profile Add Suz to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
I bought the stuff to make this up for my spinone mix but by that time the vet and I had gotten her ears under control. But I have a friend that has a cocker that has had bad infections since she was a baby and has done every thing vets and pet shop suggested and nothing worked to any extent. Till this stuff. She had applied it just twice and said her dog was acting like a puppy again. She had stopped jumping up on beds and couches and it had been thought she was just getting older since the dog is around 14. But it must have just been her balance was off because she is running and jumping again. The owner feels even worse knowing there was something she didn't know about that would work but she is thrilled now for her Lucy.

If it worked for Lucy, a dog with chronic life long problems, it really works.

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 2   Posted - 01/15/2008 :  09:24:54 AM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
This sounds like the cure. I have never heard of Gentian Violet Solution (1%) Can it be purchased at a drug store?

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 3   Posted - 01/15/2008 :  5:22:03 PM Show Profile Visit SpinoneMAX's Homepage Add SpinoneMAX to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
My Riteaid Pharmacy did NOT know what it was even when I took the used bottle in to them, BUT my older country store type pharmacy carries it. I have no trouble getting it there. I have not looked in Walmart for it.

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 4   Posted - 01/24/2008 :  7:23:40 PM Show Profile Add KarenIN to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
I found the Gentian Violet, no problem. When I found the Boric Acid, I was horified. Says it's rat poisoning. Is this the correct ingredient? I did not get it, thought I would verify first. Thanks for your help.


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 5   Posted - 01/24/2008 :  11:34:47 PM Show Profile Visit SpinoneMAX's Homepage Add SpinoneMAX to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
Boric Acid is a controlled substance and can be poisonous if eaten in large enough quantity. We are not advising giving it as an internal medicine but mixed with the other two ingredients for the external ear. My vet and my pharmacist checked this mixture out years ago and decided as we prescribe the use, it is safe. A lot of external medicines are not to be used internally. Run the prescription by your vet for his/her input.

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» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
Thanks for the tip. We love your Jersey Boys singing to the harmonica on Youtube! We wonder if they love the music or hate it!

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 7   Posted - 03/05/2008 :  11:06:15 AM Show Profile Visit Atireus's Homepage Add Atireus to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
They LOVE the harmonica. As soon as it comes out of the closet, they all start their Spinoni whoopie dance and start "singing" as soon as they hear the music! Live and laugh with your Spinone.
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Rita and The Jersey Boys
Niko, Justin. Neve and
the Stitcheroo

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Giovanny F

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 8   Posted - 01/24/2009 :  03:53:37 AM Show Profile Add Giovanny F to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment

Ears are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Thus, if this infected, particularly the eardrum, our sense of hearing would be affected that causes deafness. This is the most common affliction that children suffer from, and then their parents suffer along with them. I found this article that talks about how doctors conduct a procedure called a Myringotomy. Myringotomy is a procedure in which the eardrum is opened by incision and a tube inserted in order to drain fluid and relieve pressure. Check out this article to learn more about ear infections on http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2009/01/14/you-can-save-yourself-an-earful-with-payday-loans/.

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 9   Posted - 05/08/2013 :  11:49:43 AM Show Profile Add johntailor to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: Blue Power Ear Treatment
Ten years ago I published helpful information on the Blue Power Ear Treatment (BPET) in my book. Later on, it appeared on this Web Site. Although none of my animals has ever had an ear problem, it seemed that it was fairly common for others. So, I sent that excerpt to many Internet Forums / Groups for people to help their dogs with a long-proven remedy. For many years afterwards, the response I received from people who utilized BPET was phenomenal! In many cases, the reports were especially gratifying because all sorts of conventional ear treatment had failed and, as a last resort, BPET was used -- which cleared-up the problem -- and for some, saved the dog from scheduled ear canal surgery.

Then, a few years ago, the reports started to come in informing me that the BPET doesn't work, the ear problems continued. At first, I thought the remedy hadn't been followed 'as instructed'. However, the people assured me that wasn't the case. So, I began to look into the matter and was shocked to learn that individuals had created their own version of BPET and were circulating it.

Some of the versions were severely edited from what I'd published -- ingredients were missing or arbitrarily changed, and instructions for treatment were altered or not included at all. In other versions, the name of this old-time remedy has been changed.

In addition, I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with circulation of the outdated version of my excerpt of the Blue Power Ear Treatment.
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