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 Guv proclaims "Michigan Meatout Day"
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 Posted - 03/17/2010 :  1:41:32 PM Show Profile Add spinster to Buddylist
Read the entire article:

A no-meat day? Michigan farmers have a cow


Michigan hunters and meat producers had a collective cow today at the news Gov. Jennifer Granholm had issued an official proclamation declaring Saturday "Michigan Meatout Day."

The proclamation was labeled “unconscionable and insensitive to livestock and dairy farmers by the Michigan Farm Bureau.

“It’s inconceivable to us that the governor could stoop to this level of telling people what they should and shouldn’t eat based on the philosophies of 'food elitists,' ” said Farm Bureau President Wayne Wood.

• UPDATE: "Senate to Granholm: Take back proclamation for no-meat day"

Michigan United Conservation Clubs posted an image of the proclamation on its Facebook page, quickly eliciting a call from members to observe Meatout Day by having a massive barbecue on the Capitol lawn.

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» Subject: Re: Guv proclaims "Michigan Meatout Day"
Crossposted from another BB:

(Michigan United Conservation Club)

MUCC declares "Michigan Meat Eaters Day"
Gov's "Meatout" proclamation reveals animal rights' true agenda to ban hunting/agriculture

LANSING, MICH - In response to Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm declaring March 20 as "Michigan Meatout Day," Michigan United Conservation Clubs is making a declaration of its own: March 20 - and all days going forward -- will also be "Michigan Meat Eaters Day."

On this day, MUCC and its members and partners are encouraging Michigan's residents to celebrate our rich hunting, fishing and agricultural heritage by firing up the grill and enjoying your favorite cuts of meat be it wild game or farm-raised.

"First we have the Humane Society of the United States setting up shop in Michigan. Now we have another animal rights organization getting play in the Capitol. The March 20th Meatout Day is a national campaign of FARM, which stands for Farm Animal Rights Movement. This only confirms what MUCC has been saying for months that the animal rights groups are looking for ways to attack our outdoors and agricultural lifestyles. And we're not going to have it," said MUCC Deputy Director and Michigan OutofDoors Magazine editor Tony Hansen. "The fact that our government has chosen to partner with an animal rights organization is troubling. Perhaps many people, including the Governor, do not realize the true agendas of groups with deceptively innocent-sounding names like FARM and the Humane Society of the United States. Michigan Meat Eaters Day is a day not only to enjoy the healthy, time-honored traditions of eating meat but to also raise awareness about these groups and their hidden agendas."

FARM is not simply a group looking to ensure better treatment of farm animals. It is an organization that promotes a vegan lifestyle and opposes the use of animals for food in any form. One of its latest outreach programs targets kids and includes a special website with a graphic that equates animals raised on farms to slavery.

On its own Web Site, FARM claims individuals should "evolve to a compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains" and suggests people should wholly transform their diets from "meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations" to vegan-based diets and establishments. Not only is partnering with this organization an insult to hunters, but to Michigan's second and third largest industries - agriculture and tourism. FARM also has strong ties to the Humane Society of the United States, the nation's largest and wealthiest anti-hunting, anti-fishing animal rights organization. In fact, the Meatout Day declaration came on a day when Jill Fritz, a lobbyist from the Humane Society of the United States, testified to House lawmakers about what she considers to be the evils of hunting. Fritz also served as the National Coordinator for World Farm Animal Day which was sponsored by FARM.

"Like FARM, the Humane Society of the United States uses deception to convince its supporters that it's something that it is not," said Hansen. "HSUS has nothing to do with Michigan's local humane shelters that do a great service by providing a place for stray pets to be placed in homes. HSUS is a lobby group based in Washington, D.C. whose mission is to end hunting, fishing and virtually all forms of animal use. HSUS has a $100 million budget and according to its 2008 IRS tax return, less than one half of one percent of that budget actually went to hands-on animal shelters."

In addition to issuing a proclamation of its own, MUCC has established a "Michigan Meat Eaters" fan page on Facebook and is encouraging all of Michigan's residents to become a fan and show their support for Michigan's hunting, fishing, agriculture and meat-eating communities by signing on as a fan and posting photos and videos of you and your friends or family enjoying meat.

For more information on this issue and the skinny on animal rights organizations in Michigan, visit MichiganOutofDoors.com.

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