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 CHIT CHAT - ANYTHING GOES - Well almost anything!
 If you know anyone in these breeds please pass
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 Posted - 01/21/2012 :  08:59:06 AM Show Profile Add lourson to Buddylist
From: Deb-2004@nyc.rr.com
To: hvchapter@hvnavhda.org
Subject: South Side Kennels / animal cruelty
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:49:50 -0500

Hi All,

At this point in time I am still awaiting more information from the Vizsla Club of LIís Rescue Chair as to what we or anyone can possibly do at this point to help these poor dogs. The news of this horrific finding has been circulating since this morning, and the breed rescue groups and lots of others are actively involved.

I know of the kennel, and it is well known to be a glorified puppy mill, a lot of dogs come into rescue from this kennel, but I personally have never heard of the dogs being mistreated there. Obviously something has gone very wrong up there. He also breeds miniature horses.

Once I hear more I will let everyone know.

Debbie Field,
your Treasurer & VCLI Rescue Committee Member

From: Lynn Larrison
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 4:08 PM

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Soutside Kennels/cruelty

Dear Friends:

This e-mail was forwarded to me from Karen Miller, our dog trainer and sitter. There has been a horrific rescuing of Weims, Vizsla's, German Short Haired Pointers and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Please read the email that was sent to me. I have since been in contact with the director of the SPCA in Cooperstown, Liz Mackey and the situation is unphathomable. This truely breaks my heart for all the dogs but especially hits home with the weims and the puppies that have been rescued. Of course they're in need of donations, which Tom & I have pledged, as well as fostering homes until they are able to be adopted. I actually know of this man and his kennel and justice will hopefully be served. Its a very intense investigation with the State Police. So if there is anything you can do, to help those precious animals, it would be greatly appreciated. The SPCA is completely overwhelmed by the case with all the dogs and the expense. Each and every dog must have a physical, be tested and all shots administered and the animals are in dire need of everything. Some of them are in very grave health.

Thanks for taking the time.

Janine & Tom

Donald D. Brown
Iím trying mobilize the rescue organizations for the different breeds mention below. Can you help?
We have a terrible, heartbreaking situation in Upstate New York with Frank Popolizioís Southside Kennels located in South Worcester, NY. The Otsego County SPCA has been called in, as well as NY State Troopers, to remove over 130 dogs that are staked out w/barrels for shelter and no bedding in the barrels in subzero weather. The dogs are emaciated, eating their own feces, and in horrible physical condition and unable to fend for themselves. There are vizslas, GSPís, Weimaraners, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks in peril that I know of. There may be other breeds at this puppy mill as well.
Please help me get the word out to the neighboring rescue people. The Otsego County SPCA is overwhelmed with the number of dogs they are going to have to take in and they have asked for help. The director, and contact person for this SPCA is a lady by the name of Liz Mackey; her phone number is 607-547-8111. This is a Cooperstown, NY number and the SPCA is located just south of Cooperstown.
Thank you for any help you can lend in this sad situation.

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Mary Bloom

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 1   Posted - 01/22/2012 :  09:12:37 AM Show Profile Add spinster to Buddylist
» Subject: Re: If you know anyone in these breeds please pass
I received this update:


Good morning,

I just got off the phone with
Liz Mackey, the head of the SPCA in
Cooperstown. Here are the

NONE of the dogs were left outside chained to barrels. They were
housed in kennels. This was a rumor that needs to be

There are 85 dogs of 4 different breeds in total. About 48 of
them are
vizslas. They have 26 dogs in their possession already. All will
need vet
care. The state troopers, SPCA and the vets will continue to go out
to the
site and gather the dogs within the parameters of the law.

dogs will be housed until all the necessary legal work is done, then
will be in contact with me to start the placement process. We are
that Frank will not get his dogs back.

Please do not call the shelter.
She and her staff must attend to the dogs
already there.

We will be
setting up a fund for monetary donations. Please keep an eye
out for that

This email will also be going to all the clubs in the northeast,
as well as
V-talk and facebook pages. Please lets stop all the rumors and
wait for
the facts!

Thank you,

Stephanie Fischer
Regional Rescue Coordinator VCA
President & Rescue Chair
Vizsla Club
of Long Island
_www.vcli.net_ ( http://www.vcli.net/ )

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