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 HEALTH FORUMS for Spinone Italiano
 Gastrointestinal / Digestive
 BLOAT and bowel obstructions
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Information on Bloat, Cautions, remedies...

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» Subject: Re: BLOAT and bowel obstructions
The AKC September/October Family Dog magazine has several good articles this issue, including one on Bloat,

The magazine begins with the statement that Bloat is among the most terrifying canine ills, but quick action can save the life of a stricken dog. The article lists the warning signs as:

Unproductive vomiting is the most important indicator of bloat. The dog tries to vomit, but nothing comes up, or he only produces a small amount of foamy substance. Normal vomiting is not a sign of bloat.

Swelling and tightening of the abdomen is another vital indicator. Your dog's stomach feels like the skin is stretched very tightly. Usually occurring after unproductive vomiting and indicates escalated danger.

Unusual restlessness, including circling and pacing in an uncomfortable, uncharacteristic manner. The dog seems to be in pain when lying on its side.

Compressed body, in which the dog pulls his front and rear quarters together, as if trying to curl up.

Difficulty breathing is not as common as the other symptoms. Often, a dog who is bloating will look straight up and open his mouth wide, as if struggling to take in more air.

Discolored gums, appearing blue, white, or an unusually dark red.

Each of these symptoms alone is a danger sign, when occurring in combination, it may mean your dog is in serious danger and you should call a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Bloat kits. Although it is best to get to a veterinarian without delay if you think your dog is bloating, some owners of very high-risk dogs keep a "bloat kit" at home. This is a set of materials that can be used to relieve the buildup of gases in a dog's stomach in case of an emergency or when it's impossible to get to the vet. It is strongly recommended to speak with a veterinarian familiar with your dog before obtaining or using a bloat kit. It is not something you can learn to use when the emergency arises. If you live within an hour of an emergency veterinary clinic, most experts believe it is better to transport your dog to the clinic rather than attempt to use a bloat kit. The AKC article listed several items, but also say that many people with high-rsik breeds also add over-the-counter treatments for flatulence, such as Beano or Gas-X, to their dog's food to prevent gas buildup. But, the AKC article again suggest that it is best to check with your veterinarian for useage.

Some of the findings in the article were that an elevated bowl for feeding actually increased the risk of bloat, that feeding only dry food increased the risk, that feeding two or more meals a day seems to reduce the bloat risk.

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