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 HEALTH FORUMS for Spinone Italiano
 Gastrointestinal / Digestive
 Probiotics--The Miracle Within Us,Jeanette Pickett
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Since the early 1980's, Nature's Pharmacy, Inc. has literally pioneered the search to understand how PROBIOTICS work in canines, felines and carnivores. We have been accompanied on this journey by the greatest customers any business could hope to have. Thru the years, our customers have been willing to give us their trust and help us go down the path to find better and safer ways to feed dogs and cats. They were willing to give us the feedback we needed to determine effective ways to use probiotics in our animals. Our mission began in an effort to find a way to reduce bloat and gastric dilatation volvulus in dogs. Having owned, shown and bred Great Danes for the last 41 years, we have a vested interest in finding safer ways to manage our dogs in regards to gastric problems or emergencies. This was our initial goal. It became obvious from the beginning of our business in working with these products, that probiotics and enzymes had great potential to improve the health in our animals in so many ways. We have worked all these years to bring recognition to the benefits of probiotics to dogs and cats, and even humans.

The DogZymes brand name covers a line of very unique and one-of-a-kind products based on our experience and expertise in using probiotics and enzymes in blending nutritional products. DogZymes products are produced from organic and human grade ingredients. We not only use the best ingredients we can find world wide, but we can make those ingredients do their job better than other products. We guarantee their performance to your satisfaction. For those of you dealing with an unusual situation who need special product formulas, we can formulate custom blends on an individual basis.

Bloat is only one issue where probiotics and enzymes have important value. Whether your concern is bloat, allergies, chronic itching, poor coats, chronic ear and urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, fading puppies, gas and digestion difficulties, poor appetites, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, excessive grass eating, post surgical problems, skeletal problems, acutely or chronically, most all the things we deal with in dogs or cats, we can confidently say that a basic foundaiton for recovery starts with probiotic and enzyme supplementaiton. The feedback from our customers has been invaluable to help connect the dots in figuring out how to supplement and alter feeding methods to end problems, not just medicate to manage symptoms. If you feed kibble with probiotics "added", you are NOT adequately protected with sufficient probiotics, especially with higher risk animals. Grass, dirt, stone and stool eating are all symptoms of a dog that is trying to correct gut abnormalities and needs probiotics and enzymes to do so.

What are "probiotics"? The word PRO-biotics was "coined" to mean FOR LIFE, in contrast to ANTI-biotics, which means AGAINST life. It is indeed a good term; because without the microbes we call probiotics, there would not BE life in people, animals and all breathing things. Without these good bacteria known also as microbes, the body cannot digest food, fight bad microbes, yeast, fungi or maintain the pH that allows the body to function in a healthy range.

Seven years ago we joined hands with a company that could understand our ideas and put them in practice to make specialized probiotics for canines and felines. They understood what we needed these products to do and could help produce the formulas we envisioned. A new probiotic product was developed that is the culmination of all of our years of work in canine probiotic research. More powerful, more compatible to the canine and feline and more stable in storage, this product has features that are special to protect the GI tract from the danger of bloat or any other health problem related to incorrect diet or abnormal gut function. DOGZYMES DIGESTIVE ENHANCER is the most powerful protection you can buy for your animal, bar none. These products now can better manage bloat, gas, negative pathogens, such as Ecoli, Salmonella, fungi, and help strengthen the immune syste, allow superior absorption of nutrients, and have a guaranteed 2 year shelf life. We also wanted the people behind the formulas to be available to our customers for consulation and to heed our customers' needs. We are delighted to say we have accomplished this.

For the sake of time and space, this will not be a "microbiology class". I will, however list some FACTS. If you have never used or investigated probiotic/enzyme products before, you need to know that the foundation of your dog's health is nutrition and absorption. Even the immune system is dependant on nutrition. We are finally getting around to admitting this in human health. What you feed yourself or your dog WILL determine the quality of health and life. When the gut works correct, every other part of the body benefits. You cannot trick or cheat the body. If you have to use medicaitons or drugs, and you have bad nutrition, even the medications can't do their best work. If the good bacteria and working enzymes are not in high supply in the gut, then food cannot be well used or even tolerated: The dog eats, but nothing is broken down or absorbed! The result is time and money spent on feed and supplements than cannot be used by the body.

When at a dog show or other stressful event or situation, thousands of you have seen how dramatically dogs improve from "show diarrhea" after using DOGZYMES Canine Paste. You have seen a dog with no appetite be given DOGZYMES Canine Paste and start eating again. There are so many postitive ways the dog responds to the addition of correct levels of probiotics and enzymes in the gut. DOGZYMES Probiotic formulas are made to disrupt gas production and bring it under control fast. Please understand there is very limited research to prove or disprove the benefit of using probiotics in controlling bloat cases. In other species there is direct, definitive research to show that probiotics are unquestionably valuable in bloat management. We have tried for years to get funding for dog bloat studies relating to using probiotics, but without success. We keep trying. We can tell you this: There is definitely a relationship between decreased digestive problems (including bloat) when using our probiotics daily in feeding programs.

One of the important facts that we have learned about probiotics is that they are beneficial and necessary for every stage of life from birth to old age. Probiotics are certainly necessary during times of COMPROMISED health, but our customers have learned that the best time to use our probiotics is during OPTIMUM health. DOGZYMES fed as a maintenance product is the best way to PREVENT a health crisis. We learned quickly years ago that dogs fed any commercial feeds, even the SUPER premium brands, need probiotic support, especially one with the powerful enzyme activity of DOGZYMES. This insures correct digestion of highly processed grain/carbohydrate/fiber loaded diets and prevents poorly digested ingredients from becoming allergens. If you feed a NATURAL, RAW or home made diet, you might assume that adding a probiotic is unnecessary. This is not the case. Unless the dog is actually eating the intestinal tract of the prey or living in the wild, there is no source of beneficial bacteria or enzymes in any way. Optimum health exists when the body and its systems operate in harmony. The body needs Probiotics to do this. The body can stand great demands for long periods, but not forever; something has to give. If the nutrition that fuels the system is wrong and the ability to break down the fuel is compromised, the body breaks down. Probiotics, enzymes and optimum fuel are essential to make all species flourish.

Dogs eating super premium foods or raw diets need probiotics. Raw diets do not provide adequate species or numbers of probiotics and enzymes. A lot of people think that adding a little yogurt will do the job. This far from the truth, as one teaspoon of DOGZYMES Digestive Enhancer is equivalent to 70 eight ounce containers of yogurt. So adding yogurt sprays on kibble, adding a little yogurt to your dog's raw diet or supplementing with Lactobaccillus acidophilus alone is not sufficient protection. Lactobaccillus is only one of many of the important species of bacteria needed in the gut.

We are committed to better understanding the NATURAL ways to feed our carnivores. They are still carnivores, regardless of what anybody tells you. Their brains might be demesticated, but their digestive systems are still able to go out and hunt and survive just like they did thousands of years ago. You cannot make the digestive system of the carnivore bend to fit the processed, grain inclusive diets of today. We MUST MAKE THE DIET FIT THE NEEDS OF THE CARNIVORE. There is simply no other way to reduce health problems. Much is written by many "experts" and many self-proclaimed experts, and many books on the subject are conflicting. We offer a program with a simple, common sense approach to use whole and/or raw food. It is NOT rocket science! It is approved by our professional PhD Animal Nutritionist. It is easy to do, easy to get the ingredients and often costs less than "holistic" and "premium" grade dog food products. If you want to know more, ask for our User Friendly Home Made Diet. Try it for 30 days and you will see improvement or recovery in that short time frame. Our consultants will work with you, make suggestions, evaluate the results or even suggest alternatives. We are pleased to report our cutomers see high rates of success. People are relieved to see happy, healthy dogs again. It is definitely worth trying a more natural program with real whole food, top quality probiotics and natural food based supplements from the DOGZYMES line.

In human nutritional research there is overwhelming proof that raw fruits and vegetables are now known to antioxidant pills do not work. WHOLE FOOD IS NECESSARY. Just adding vitamins and minerals in processed food is not the answer. Antioxidants are best provided in raw, fresh food, primarily from raw plants. You will see new developments in our products in the future that will bring this concept to your dog and cat. There is new research in dogs that is finally investigating the importance of antioxidants in these animals. It is exciting to see this, but as in the human research, keep in mind that man cannot "make" these antioxidants...They come only from nature and protect us from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arterial disease. Raw fruits and vegetables correct our immune systems, allow our DNA to repair, and slow down aging. Simply increasing raw fruit and vegetable intake does all this for people because it dramatially increases antioxidents that protect cells from free radical damage. In you slow down the damage, you slow down disease. No question about it. Just plain vitamin pills or raw food.

We'd love to help you keep your animals healthy and living long, comfortable lives. Give us a call at 800-733-4981 or email at jeanette@naturesfarmany.com. More info is also available at our website www.naturesfarmacy.com

Several Spinone owners have found this info very useful in aiding bowel disorders and in possibly preventing bloat.

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