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 HEALTH FORUMS for Spinone Italiano
 Urinary Issues by Lisa Boyer, DVM
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The following has been reprinted with the permission of the author. In the May 2010 issue of Versatile Huntng Dog (NAVHDA) magazine, Dr. Boyer was asked questions about a 4 month old female GSP likcing at her vulva and having a white creamy discharge, with the hair around her vulva being crusty, also prone to housebreaking accidents.

Dr. Lisa Boyer's response:
Thank you so much for your question. The problems you are seeing are common, but very important to resolve. Difficulty in housebreaking, excessive licking or an increase in the number of times your puppy is urinating may be attributable to a urinary tract infection. You should see your veterinarian for a urinalysis to ensure this is not the case. If the urinalysis is negative (meaning that there is no infection), your veterinarian may wish to do a more thorough examination to rule out a genital foreign body (like a stick or a piece of a plant) or other reason for infection. If the physical examination is normal, then your puppy is likely experiencing a condition known as puppy vaginitis. Puppy vaginitis can result in a discharge that looks like pus (white or grey and creamy), licking of the vulva, a break in housetraining or difficulty in housetraining, frequent urination and a crusting of the hair coat around the vulva. YOu may also see small red bumps (pustules) in the vulvar area due to licking and scooting. Typically, these signs are seen when the puppy is between 6 weeks of age and 8 months of age. The good news is that it is a condition that is more frustrating for the owner than the dog. The causes of puppy vaginitis are unknown, but is presumed to be due to an imbalance of the vaginal mucosal glandular epithelium cells in the young bitch. The best treatment is "tincture of time". This will go away. Use baby wipes to wipe the vulvar area. Do not flush the vagina as this disrupts the normal bacterial flora. Oral antibiotics are ineffective and unnecessary. A good probiotic like Culturelle given orally has also been shown to be effective. Returning to "crate training" for the housebresaking will help minimize accidents. By the time your puppy is 8 months old, this condition should resolve.

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